Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Spot of Tea

When my good friend Stephanie said she was hosting another tea cup exchange I knew that was something I could not pass up.  I joined Stephanie and all of her amazing friends last year for an exchange and had a wonderful time.  It says a lot about someone when they have such an amazing group of friends and I knew I wanted to be a part of that community again.

As part of the exchange my bestie, Rebekah, and I went antiquing together to pick out just the right cups for our partners that we were matched with.  We both found some wonderful tea cups, had a wonderful time antiquing, and catching up.  

I go my beautiful tea cup from Margaret along with some other goodies.  This cup and saucer are such a great addition to my collection and I am thrilled to have been matched with such a wonderful partner.  
Many thanks go out to Margaret for my beautiful tea cup.  I cannot wait to sip some tea in it and use my Easter napkins with my family in a few short weeks.

Enjoy the Journey with me!
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Anchors Away

If you have never heard of the beautiful clothing company eShakti then you, my friend, are missing out.  This is my third time to work with them and every time is a great experience.  Each time I receive a piece from them it exceeds my expectations and fits like a glove. 

When they emailed me and offered me another item from their large online store I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this beauty.  Seriously, a dress covered in my beloved sorority's symbol... yes, please!  
The moment the dress arrived I knew I had made the right decision.  The material and craftsmanship are flawless and like I said above it fits like a glove.  

Many thanks go out to the generous people at eShakti for providing me with this beautiful dress.  I wore it to the education foundation gala in my home town and not only did I get many comments on it, but it was oh, so comfortable.  I paired it with some black heels and a black sweater and thankfully was able to leave my sweater off most of the night.  This is absolutely a piece I can even wear to work.  I'm thinking about pairing it with my peep toe heels and black blazer...  but just not on days that I'm on my job sites.

Go check out the wide variety of items eShakti offers.  And if you are hesitant of ordering clothing on line, don't be.  They can customize any piece and are so very easy to work with.

Mom, dad and I leaving the gala over the weekend.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Apparently Sarcasm is My Love Language

A couple of weeks ago at church my pastor was telling a story, and half way through it he paused.  With that pause he explained that his friend really was talking to him that way because, as a matter of fact, his love language was sarcasm.  The moment I heard that phrase come out of his mouth I laughed out loud and then laughed again because the same is true for me too.

As I look back on past relationships (with friends that are boys) and with family and friends sarcasm is a constant.  But funny enough, sarcasm didn't make the list of the infamous five.  I bet it was a close six though!

So what are the official five love languages?
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time (My 'official' love language)
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Physical Touch

As you can see, sarcasm did not make the list and after reading this the other day I am really questioning why it didn't.

"There's a direct link between sarcasm, honesty and friendship.  Sarcastic people tend to be more honest, loyal and upfront with their friends."  

I like to think that is true.  In fact, sometimes I think that is a little too true about me.
What is your love language?  What is your love language that didn't make the official list?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Realities of Singleness: Cry Out

Sometimes I just want to cry out, "Lord, where is he?," but then I am reminded of this beautiful thought.

"Sometimes God causes things to happen in our life so that only He can fix them."
I have always known this to be true, but as of late it has been a constant thought for me.  After hearing it on the radio two days in a row and reading it the same day I finally decided that the Lord was trying to tell me something.  He has a funny way of doing that!

Lately I feel that this is the theme with all of girlfriends as of late.  It is not necessarily a bad thing, just a chapter of singleness thing.  I have said this before and I will say it again, singleness is a blessing.  Some days I love it more than others, but most importantly I am so very thankful for the friends that the Lord has given me to travel this journey called singleness with!

So for today, I sit here content and holding on to the Lord for guidance and comfort.  Knowing that he can fix anything.  He is all I need and that brings me so much joy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why I get dressed each morning

Each morning I wake up and after I get some coffee in me and read God's word I start getting ready for the day.  For me getting ready each day means taming the mane, styling my hair, applying make up (sometimes a little bit, and some times a little more), getting dressed and lastly accessorizing.  I was raised by a loving mother that does the same thing every day just like her mother did.

So why do it?  Why get dressed and why care?  After reading this article the other day about the 21 Differences Between A Southern Belle and A Modern Woman it sparked a conversation with my mom and got me thinking.  This is number two on that list of differences:

"They take care of themselves and the way they look not because they want to please a man, although that can feel good, but because they know that looking put together means the whole world takes you more seriously."
When I said this got me thinking it was because I wondered why I put effort into my appearance.  After some thought this is what I came up with:

-Confidence. When my hair is fixed and the curls are tamed not only do I feel better but I am more confident.  When I know that my hair is fixed and even a little powder is on my nose I know that others are looking at me because I have given them a reason and that reason is not because of a blemish or an out of place curl.

-Respect.  I work with all men and some days I joke that they don't even notice when I change my hair, but they do.  They notice what I wear and what I look like and I believe that by putting effort into the way I look gets respect.  People acknowledge when you take pride in your appearance and say what you want they will take you more seriously if they know you take yourself seriously.

-Beauty. Inner and outer.  I believe that these two go hand in hand.  Maybe not for everyone, but for me they do.  To me inner beauty brings confidence, pride and self assurance, and outer beauty brings respect and admiration.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Calm After the Storm

On Saturday we had some much needed rain in North Texas and I loved every minute of it.  Hearing the rain drop on my home and seeing it fall out the window was wonderful.  Just after the rain stopped I stepped outside and was in awe of the beautiful calm after the storm. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top Reasons to Live on Your Own

As most of you know I moved into my own house several months ago.  I have learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined, and I truly enjoy being on my own.  After having three roommates throughout college and my parents and dog for the last two and a half years I was excited to step out on my own for truly the first time.

Now that I am on my own there are a few things that I have learned and most definitely some reasons to be out on your own.  

My Top Reasons to Live on Your Own
1. Pants are optional.  Need I say more?
Enjoying the Journey: Top Reasons to Live on Your Own
Enjoying the Journey: Top Reasons to Live on Your OwnEnjoying the Journey: Top Reasons to Live on Your Own
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2. Dinner is when you want it.  And what you want.

3. The entire garage is yours.  
Enjoying the Journey: Top Reasons to Live on Your Own

4. The entire bed is yours.  As stated here.

5. Music is loud and played often.

6. Sunday mornings are yours for the taking.  Jesus time, coffee time, quiet time.

7. Every closet is yours.  And if you fill them all to the brim, no one is going to call you out.
Enjoying the Journey: Top Reasons to Live on Your Own

8. If you work late, no one is going to complain.

And there you have it, my top reasons to live on your own.  Through writing this post, not only did I get to laugh at myself, but I got to think about how blessed I am.  How spoiled I am.  And how thankful I am that my garage is larger than the one above.

Happy Thursday!