Here We Go!!

Nice, France- May 2011
     After graduating from college I got a fabulous job in the big city as a store designer. But instead of moving to the big city like all of my friends, I decided to move back home to the small town that I grew up in. This is my story of how I'm 'Enjoying the Journey' with a big city job while still keeping it simple in my small town. 
     I love living at home with my parents and Sanger is a wonderful place to be!  We have the charm of a small town here in Sanger, yet we are close enough to the metroplex that I can make it to work each morning with few complaints.  I've now been back home for five months and I am surprised to find that I don't miss college life near as much as I thought I would.  What can I say... I love my family!
     I'll try to catch you up to speed on the last five months pretty quickly.  In May I graduated with my degree in Interior Design and a minor in Engineering Technology.  Right after graduation I headed off to France for two weeks.  It was the trip of a lifetime!  I left my heart in France many years ago and each time I go back I am reminded of that and my trip this year was no different. 

     When I got back home I had a ton of unpacking to do from not only my trip, but also from moving home from college. I got all settled just in time to start my summer internship at an architecture firm near my home.  The summer flew by with work and trying to keep up with my parent's busy schedule.    
     At the end of the summer I was really needing to find a more permanent job and soon after I really started feeling the pressure I got an internship at Fossil as a fixture designer.  I love it!!  Every day is something new and I enjoy going to work each day!  I work with some really great people, I work on cool projects, there is a Starbucks around the corner from my desk, and I couldn't ask for any thing else.  If you would have asked me a year ago what my dream job was I would not have told you working at Fossil, but it has quickly become my dream job!  I have been working at Fossil for a little over a month and I am truly blessed!  The drive into the city each day takes about an hour and fifteen minutes, but I don't mind it too much- my iPod and I have become best friends.  
    That is my life in the city, and as much as I love my job in the city I love my home in the country even more!!  I live on the family farm with my parents, our extremely talkative dog(April), my horse(Amigo), and a bunch of cows.  There is always something exciting going on around the farm.  The most exciting thing to report as of late has been the new tractor that we got a few weeks ago.  

My dad and I sitting on the bucket of the tractor enjoying a snack. 
  Typical Saturday afternoon around our house! 
     I decided to start a blog partially because it is something I have never done before and the other part because I like to think that I have something to say that others might like.  I'm a pretty crafty person, so I'll blog about things that I make and do, as well as, just random things I like or things that are on my mind.  Never the less, I have been blessed with a beautiful life and I hope to share it with you as I am 'Enjoying the Journey.'

                    Life isn't about the destination, it's about ENJOYING THE JOURNEY.