Design Inspiration

As a designer I am always looking for new sites to inspire me and keep me design juices flowing.  Here are just a few of the fabulous sites and blogs that I have been stalking as of late.  Feel free to stalk them as well, or comment and add some sites that you have been loving lately too!  Happy Designing!

1. Desire to Inspire
This is a quirky blog of two lovely ladies that are always on the search for the 'perfect room.'  And if there were such a thing they have come pretty darn close to finding it.  There are always new posts about architecture, interiors, art, and so much more to inspire!

These are two blogs in one, yet separate.  Just check it out and you will get what I mean by that.  It is all about color.  Design seeds is where you can find the fabulous color pallets inspired by photographs that you have probably seen all over pinterest.  Fresh news is color and color inspired things.  Both are lovely and wonderful for some inspiration.

Another lovely site with tons of inspiration and design finds.  This one is different because it has architecture, art, interiors, home furnishings, style and fashion, and even technology.  There are a lot of great finds on this site and I like it because it features all the current trends going on in the design world today.