D Now Weekend

If any of you have ever been blessed to be a part of a Disciple Now weekend then you know that it took me a full two days to recover after the amazing weekend that we had.  I was blessed to be a co- leader of five amazing 7th grade girls and we had a wonderful time together at Camp Copass.  Our theme for the weekend was Distraction.  We had a great time digging into the word and learning what the word says about distractions and how to handle them.

Here are my 5 beautiful 7th graders!!

We have all heard the saying of having 'faith like children,' and I realize that these girls are not children at all.  But being with them for the weekend was so refreshing because I was reminded of just how beautiful young faith is.  

Not only did I have an amazing weekend with some wonderful students, but I am finally starting to feel like I am making my home in Sanger again.  Settling at my house happened right away when moving home, but calling FBC Sanger my home church again has taken a while, up until now.  What a blessing that I can now truly call it home again!