Harney and Sons 2!

Today I had to go out to run some errands during lunch and when I got back boy was I excited.  Jenny came over and showed me the box and all I could do was jump up and down and clap!!!

She had taken the liberty of untaping the box, but like any true friend she waited to open it until I got back.

We splurged last week and ordered quite the assortment of teas.  It took us a while to narrow down our choices, and just from smelling them today we are very pleased with our purchases.

Of course we got our tea from the wonderful Harney and Sons- Master Tea Blenders.  Our selections were SoHo TeaWhite Peach TeaTower of London Tea, Royal English Breakfast Tea, and Chocolate Mint Tea.  I cannot wait to try them all, tea time just got so much classier!!!

Around my office, most people choose to decorate their desks with Fossil tins.  But not Jenny and I, we prefer to decorate with Harney and Sons tins!

-Happy Tea Time!


withCaitlin said…
Great choices! Soho and Chocolate Mint area couple of my favorites! You HAVE to come up on a trip to the tea house with me some day!