Girl's Day

Emilie, me, and Rachel

A couple of my friends from work came to see me in Sanger on Saturday and we had a great time.  Not only was it a treat to get to hang out with them outside of the office, but it was such a joy to get to show them my home.  And ultimately show them why my drive into the city and back is worth it everyday!!  

I told the girls that if they came up we would shoot guns, go for a bucket ride, and I would show them how to be true cowgirls.  And I am happy to say that we did all three!!!

We started off with a tour around the place in the golf cart, then some target practice and we ended the afternoon with a bucket ride.

Overall we had a great afternoon.  I only scared them once and that was driving through the creek in the golf cart.  After we finished our bucket ride Emilie said that she could now mark bucket ride off her bucket list.  And to that I noted that she didn't even know what a bucket ride was until two weeks ago when I told her what it was!!!