Thirty - One

No I am not thirty-one, nor did anyone I know just turn thirty-one.  This is about Thirty-One Gifts and the beautiful bags that I just got!  My best friend, Rebekah, is a consultant for Thirty-One and she had a lovely party a few weeks ago to show off all of the great products.  My mom and I went and we got some great items.

As you all know, my mother and I are very similar.  Some might also say that we are just alike.  And others, like my father, might even say that we are so much alike I am her clone.  
So since great minds think alike, we ordered all the same stuff.  

We each got a Pinch-top eyeglasses case, a Cinch- up thermal tote, and an All- In- One Organizer.  
Official Review: We love our choices.  Especially our patterns.  
The really great thing about Thirty-One products is that you get to choose your own pattern for each item.  But it is also the bad thing about too.  You should have seen my mother and I sitting there staring at the catalog trying to decide which patterns to get on what.  We are thrilled with our choices. 

All-in-One Organizer, Cinch-up Thermal Tote, Pinch-Top Eyeglasses case;  all from Thirty-One catalog

I took my lunch box to work today and got several comments.  And believe me, getting complements at my office is a big deal, especially since most of the stuff we wear or carry is made by us.  Love my lunch box and it works great!! 

{This post is not sponsored by Thirty-One Gifts, it is just my opinion and experience with their products}