Happy Organizing

One of the beautiful things of going away to college was that there was a desk provided in every apartment and dorm room that I lived in.  The down side was that I did not have to clean out my childhood desk until I moved home and started needing a place to put my stuff again.  So I finally bit the bullet and got down to it.  

 Before(what a mess, and you can't even see in the drawers!):

New Craft Table:
When I spotted this great find at Michaels with my friend Jessica, I knew that it had to come home with me.  Not only was it a great storage system, but it was a great deal at 40% off.  I got it home one afternoon and while I was out the next rainy day my dad put it together without me even asking.  It was such a great surprise to come home to all put together and I loaded it right up.

One more thing that I purchased for my desk makeover was some Martha Stewart desk organizers from Staples (seen on right side of desk).  I first saw them on IHeart Organizing and when Jen spoke about them I knew I had to have them.  I had another coupon and I got 20% off.  
I got my desk all cleaned out and made room for my mailing items for my Etsy shop.  Put away some items that I still had in boxes from school and made room for some future items.  

Overall, I am so happy with my new storage items and happy with my desk layout.  Oh how I love some organization!!!