Pen Pals

Never thought I would have one... especially more than one!
I have been known to say many times that I am a much better friend through mail and letters than I am in person.  Now I'm not saying I am a bad friend, but I truly love being intentional in a letter or even an email with my dear friends.  
It all started when I went away to school and started working at Pine Cove.  I worked there for three summers, and during those summers letters were my only way of communication to my friends and family during the week.  My day was always brightened when I received mail and it was such a joy to read about the lives of the ones that I loved.   
This still rings true every time that I receive a letter or sit down to send one.  I am thankful for my pen pals, and happy for the blessing that they have been in my life.

Do you have a pen pal?  I am the only one still writing snail mail?

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