Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings have always been a time I have cherished.  Growing up I loved them because mom always made fresh muffins(and still does), and it was a time the four of were together with no other agenda than worshiping and fellowshipping together. In college I loved them because it was always so quite in my apartment and my heart was still to be with the Lord.  Now I love them because it is a sweet time that I get to spend with my parents and church family here in Sanger.

This morning was a little different because my parents are out of town.  It has been a while since I have had to attend church by myself, and it reminded me of how thankful I am to have my parents to go with every Sunday.  This morning has been such a blessing, and I couldn't imagine starting it off any other way than with some much needed time in the Lord's house.  Here are a few pictures after I got home from church celebrating this beautiful morning.

1.  McCafe- possibly my new obsession.  No Starbucks in this small town! 2. Miss April 3. Blog on one screen and Shane&Shane on the other 4. Necklace and bracelet from the shop

1. Reorganized my room yesterday and I am loving the new set up 2. My granmom's bible I was recently privileged to inherit 3. Soon to be lunch 4. April again!!

I truly hope that you are having a blessed morning as I am.  It is mornings like this that remind me how beautiful the Lord's love for me is.  
As for the rest of the day: Blog and shop updates, Wedding planning with Steven and Caitlin, and then a much over due date with my BIG Brother.