Not Too Shabby

I recently purchased my first item from Shabby Apple and I love it!  After ohhing and ahhing over this skirt for months, I finally broke down and got it after it went on sale!  It was a tad too big when I got it, so I just had my seamstress put some darts in the back(thanks mom!) and now it fits like a glove. 

Not only is it comfortable, but the quality is great.  This happy girl will def be ordering more from Shabby Apple in the future!  Who knows, maybe I can even find a dress for my brother's upcoming wedding!  We shall see!

Showing off the beautiful bow, because I LOVE bows!!!
Many thanks to my mom for taking the skirt up a bit and snapping some shots of it after work one day!


Anonymous said…
That is such a cute outfit! I love shabby apple. Their clothing is awesome :)Have a lovely day!

Rikki said…
Just started following your blog yesterday. And I'm so jealous of your skirt. I've been wanting it for ages and even on sale, it just isn't in the cards this month. Enjoy it for the both of us (even if you don't really know me!)