Calming the Storm

When I first found this image it was during a time in my life that not only the past few weeks had felt like a storm, but the past few months.  There were things going on in my life that were not just effecting me, but my entire family.  They were not easy times, but having the comfort of the Lord made it a lot easier.
I share this with you today, not to say that I am back in a storm or to say that I left the storm.  But to say that the Lord knows what He is doing whatever stage we are in.  This is a comfort to me in a storm, out of a storm, and right before a storm.  And I hope it can be a comfort for you as well.  Not only do I have it as my background for my home computer, but also my office computer.  It is a beautiful reminder that I can never get enough of.  

Here is to a new month and seeing what the Lord has in store for us for the beautiful month of August.