Happy Monday

Happy Day, Happy Monday, Happy New Beginnings!
Mondays are never my favorite- fact.  But today I am having a whole new attitude.  

                                                                                           Source: thedoctorscloset.com via lauren on Pinterest

More to come later in the week about what is making this week so different, but for now I will just share some of the things that are making me happy for the week.

Happy Texas Summer
Happy Supportive Friends and Family
Happy Sleeping In
Happy New Beginnings
Happy Letting the Lord Take the Reigns
Happy New Things to Look Forward To
Happy Giving Instagram a Try 
Happy Laundry Day

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Unknown said…
Happy Monday! I go through some of the same emotions Monday morning. I'm going to remember to be happy today though. Thanks for sharing!
Esther Davison
And I was worried about waking you up this morning... 6 am?!? Sheesh, I was still sound asleep!