It's Okay Thursday

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Today I am linking up with Amber at A Complete Waste of Makeup for "It's Okay" Thursday.  There are so many link ups out there, but this is by far my favorite and the Bestie normally does it too so go check out her page while you're at it.

that I have been waiting all week for date night tonight!
that it is already Thursday and I have no idea where the week went!
that working two and a half jobs is wearing me a bit thin.
that Sunday was my first time to ride a motorcycle.
that I would rather watch westerns on tv than any other show.
to acknowledge that there is always a first for everything and the past is the past.
that Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are always a good idea no matter what mood I am in.
that my dog is cooler than I am- learning to accept it!

 Happy Thursday and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  What are you okay with this week?

Its Ok Thursdays


Firsts are good!! I'm abnormally excited about your date!! And We get to go to Mama's Write on Saturday!!! : )
Unknown said…
yay for date night! have fun!

Have a great day! Stop by and say hello! :)