Confessions of an Interior Designer - Markers

Mid- ravel!

Completed and VICTORY!
At my office we use Yellow # 73 China Markers to highlight a redline when we have completed it.  It always feels good to get to highlight something because it means that you are making progress, but the best part is when your 'marker' starts running low.  That is the best because then you get to unravel the paper.  

My ultimate goal every time that I do this is to unravel the paper is one piece.  Unfortunatly it does not always happen- sad day.  But it did yesterday and I am thrilled to share my small victory with you!

Perhaps this is just me being weird.  Perhaps this is me being a little obsessed with my office supplies.  Or perhaps this is just a Confession of an Interior Designer.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!


haha not just interior designers! We used them in my classroom for various projects and I loved "sharpening" the markers!