Favorite Things

This post is so far over due I should really be ashamed.  So maybe that's why I am posting it while I am on vacation.  So instead of feeling ashamed, I will be feeling the sweet Hawaii sun on my face!  Enjoy!
Several months ago, July 6th to be exact, the Bestie and I had a favorite things party at my house.  It was so much fun and a wonderful excuse to see our beautiful friends.  I sent out our invites through Paperless Post and it was great- def recommend for your upcoming parties! 

We had everyone bring five things.  Some interpreted it as five different things, and some interpreted it as five of the same thing.  Either way, bring five things.  After we chatted and ate a little we traded our five things and had a great time doing so.  
Trading our things was a great way to get to know each other better and we had some pretty good laughs along the way.  I defiantly recommend this for your next girls night in!
When everyone arrived they had two things to do.  1. Fill out their sheet of five of their favorite things and put it in the jar to and 2. Write their name on five sheets of paper and put them in the bag.

Everyone filled out a favorite things sheet, so we started the evening by reading the sheets aloud and guessing which sheet belonged to who.  Caitlin guessed the most right, so she got to take home those yummy sodas.  
To keep things organized and make sure everyone went home with five things we all wrote our names on five sheets of paper.  As we went around the room and presented our five things you drew five names and they were the ones that got your things. 

The table set up before everyone arrived and filled the holes in with their wonderful appetizers.  I made oragami bows from magazine pages and they were the perfect decoration for our party bags.

We had an amazing time and can't wait to do it again very soon.  Have you had a favorite things party? If not, give it a try.  I promise it will not disappoint!
Happy Monday and Happy new week!

**I accidentally posted this last week, so if you are seeing this twice my apologies.  But now you can comment, so bring them on!**   


Favorite things party is a must do again!! It was a lot of fun!