Love...  one thing my parents never taught me to do.  They showed me.

I was blessed to be in a bible study a little over a year ago with my mom and one night we were asked to share what we had learned from our parents growing up.  Love was my answer and it was so sweet to be able to share that with not only my small group, but my mom.  Everyday I see love from my parents; either in the way they treat me, treat each other, or by doing things for others.  Everyday I pray that the Lord will give me the opportunity to share that love I have learned.  Whether it is with someone I pass on the street, giving it back to my parents, or even my future husband some day.

What did your parents show you growing up?  Who taught you to love?

Happy Hump Day!!!


So sweet! ILY! : )
My parents taught me how to serve, be it at church or each other. : )