Since I was in middle school my mother has been my best friend.  She was my constant then, and still is to this day.  I love her and today's post is a shout out to first my mother, and second so I can share with you how awesome she is!  
My mother is one of the most strongest, godly woman I know.  If it were not for her I would not be half of the woman that I am today.  I strive to be more hospitable and caring like her, and pick up on her wicked baking skills.  She pushes me to be a better person and shows me how to be a godly woman each and every day.  I thank God for her and the example she is for my friends and I.  

Mom and I trying out my new camera at the Balloon Festival.


Okay slow down there, no one needs to go report me to the Bestie and tell her she is not my best friend.  She is in fact my best friend, and I am not cheating on her.  You can have more than one best friend, I checked!   

Yea for mothers!  Yea for best friends!  Yea for godly women role models!  And Yea, for when you can find someone that fits all of those titles.  I love you, mom!


I acknowledge that Norma is awesome!! : ) She is a wonderful extra-mom too!! <3