Relationship Advice

Dear Pinterest,
Thank you for teaching me how to make the most amazing Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcakes, for helping me plan my non- existent wedding, and for giving great relationship advice!  I may be slightly addicted to you at times, but your words are so good.

Dear Readers,
Here are some beautiful graphics and words that not only speak truth, but may give you some relationship advice too!  Enjoy and remember that you are beautiful!
With All My Love,
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Happy Friday, dear friends!  I hope that you have a blessed weekend!


Kate said…
I think my favourite is "The only guy you need in your life is the one that proves he needs you in his". Most people do need to be needed on some level or another, male or female. I know that I could never settle for someone who could take me or leave me. It also ties in nicely with something I've always believed about relationships; you shouldn't assume that your partner knows how you feel. For both of you, proving that you need your partner in your life involves proving that you're worthy of that place in theirs.

The thing is, they probably do know that they're loved. In a strictly logical sense, they know that you love them. But humans are built on more than just logic. If we weren't, we'd be Vulcans. (relationship advicee according to Vulcans, imagine that...) Love can't just be spoken or assumed, it needs to be shown. Humans need to feel that they're loved even if they know that they're loved. And this doesn't have to be a gigantic bunch of flowers once a month, it's in things such as surprising them with their favourite meal. Remembering something that has been worrying them and calling to see how things went. Asking what they need from you if it went badly. Just tiny little things like that aren't just statements that might or might not be true. They're proof that can be seen and felt, proof that you love your partner.