Seasons of Life

During my short year of blogging I have not found too terribly many people in the same season of life as myself.  Yes, many I can relate to or have things in common with.  But no one going through quite the same season of life.  While visiting my beautiful friend Jessica the theme of almost every conversation was this transitional season of life that I am in right now.

Enjoying the Journey: Seasons of Life

What does this transitional season of life look like for me?
-Two part time jobs
-Living with my parents
-Looking for a full time job
-Considering moving when said full time job is acquired
-Wanting to buy a new car
-Possibly looking for a new church

Just like the picture above, I truly believe that every season the Lord creates is beautiful.  Whether it is in my life, in a friends' life, or a season of nature.  During this transitional season of my life I will be the first one to tell you that I am stressed more than I would like.  But most importantly, I will also be the first one to tell you that I have a peace about all of these transitions and I know that the Lord's hand is in it all.  And if the Lord's hand is in it, how can it not be beautiful?  
This is a journey that I am on called life.  The Lord has the road map for my journey, and I am just going to enjoy it and see where he takes me.  For I am Enjoying the Journey!  

What season of life are you in right now?  Can you relate to any or all of the above?   
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!

**Stay tuned Monday for a post about my amazing trip to Kansas City over Labor Day!**


Even though we're married and not in the exact same situation, many things are transitional into our situation and season too! I'm here for you! : ) (and I'm glad Jessica & Katie are in the same season with you!). John and I struggle with moving and possibly buying a house, we want/need to buy a new car too - but debt is less than desirable, and that church thing hits home for us too. : ) Love you!