Confessions of an Interior Designer - Catalogs

Guilty pleasures...  We all have them.  For a designer they can come in many ways.  Some days it can be in finding the perfect application to use that expensive tile you have been eyeing all year, or planning the perfect space and your boss liking it on the first try.
Yes those are all great, and def praise worthy.  But for me, as a designer, my biggest guilty pleasure is curling up in bed with the newest catalogs from some of my fav companies.


A few weeks ago not one, but two beauties came in!  The new CB2 and the Restoration Hardware bible!  AHHHHHHH!!!  You better believe we spent some quality time together and I am now very familiar with the new fall items of these fine companies!  
Fall, thank you for beautiful catalogs and for making me one happy designer!  

Perhaps I need to get a life.  Perhaps I need to start a new book(any recommendations?).  Or perhaps this is just a Confession of an Interior Designer.

Happy Monday and Happy New Week! 


Tami Rebekah said…
Hey LOVE!! I can not believe you went to SWT!! Okay well that is what it was called when I went there.. I actually just took my NCIDQ exam last week... ugh... we are definitely going to have to get together when I move to Denton.. which will be when ever I can find a dang job.. :(
Tami Rebekah said…
On another not.. LOVE that magazine.. also love... well never mind love them all!