Hawaii Trip- Oahu

I recently got back from an amazing trip to Hawaii with my great friend Katie.  To tell you we had an amazing time would be an understatement.  We were there for a week and I did not want to leave at all when Saturday arrived.  Katie and I spent four days on Oahu and four days on Maui.  This trip was such a blessing in so many ways.  It was wonderful to get to spend so much time with Katie, and to get away from work and the craziness of life!  

In trying to keep this short here are the highlights of our time on Oahu.  Stay tuned for photos and stories from Maui to come very soon!!

Travel to Hawaii and Dinner by the Beach

This is Waikiki beach looking at Honolulu.  It was a gorgeous night and we had so much fun eating right across the street and exploring Waikiki that night.  Little did we know we would be right back here the very next night to watch the Season Three Premier of Hawaii Five-0!

Day 2
Pearl Harbor, Iolina Palace and King Kamehameha, and Hawaii Five-0 Premier 
Pearl Harbor was our first stop of the day and it was great.  The memorial and center are so well done, we really cherished our time there.  We saw the Bowfin Submarine(behind us), the USS Missouri, and went out to the USS Arizona Memorial.

King Kamehameha

Hawaii Five-0 Season Three Premier!!!!  The picture on the left is before all of the festivities started.  The tents to the right are the red carpet and the ocean is just behind them.  On the left is the cast and producers right before the show started.  This was honestly one of the coolest things we got to do!  We sat on the beach with a really cool local couple and enjoyed every minute of it!

Day 3
Dole Plantation and North Shore 
The plantation was so much fun!!  We went on the Pineapple Express(a train ride around the plantation) and did the world's largest maze while there.  Also on the agenda was soft serve pineapple ice cream.  This my friends, will be served in heaven!!  There are no words to describe how amazing and delicious and awesome and phenomenal and out of this world it was!!!

After the plantation we headed up to the North Shore and had a great time sun bathing!  This is where the huge waves are during the winter where the major pipeline competitions are held.  We sat on Sunset Beach and watch several surfers brave the waters.  

Day 4
Diamond Head, Halona Blowhole, and Makapu Lighthouse 
We hiked a lot this morning and Katie might even tell you I dragged her up a few mountains.  We first hiked up Diamond Head and the view from there was well worth the hike(top picture)!  Next we went to the blowhole and it was really cool because the waters have to align just right for water to shoot up. Lastly, we hike to the Lighthouse Lookout and got another breath taking view of the ocean and surrounding islands.   

Oahu was beautiful and such a blessing to get to experience.  We saw a lot, hiked a lot, and most importantly sun bathed A LOT!  My two favorite parts were probably from our second day: Our trip to Pearl Harbor and the Hawaii Five-0 Premier.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of our trip and highlights from Maui!


So beautiful!! I'm glad you had a good trip! We'll have to get together sometime soon so you can tell me the dos and donts (ins & outs) of Hawaii. : )