Look at that BEAUTY

It is mine... It is beautiful... It is green... and I LOVE IT!

If you were around this weekend then you probably saw my post about my new car that I was picking up on Friday afternoon.  And I know you have all been dying to see my new car ever since you read about it!  So here it is!  Sorry for not posting the much anticipated pictures until this morning, but I was out driving all weekend and couldn't possibly take a driving break to post.
FJ Cruiser 2013

Toyota FJ Cruiser

I still can't believe that it is all mine.  I have wanted a Toyota FJ Cruiser since they first came out when I was in college, and now that it is a reality I don't know what to do with myself!!  

A few things I have learned about the FJ since I got it:
1. You CAN fit four people in the back seat
2. XM radio is amazing
3. XM radio is even better with the huge subwoofer 
4. Three windshield wipers is very entertaining
5. Dad can sleep in the back seat just as good as he could in my last car
6. The back up cam on the mirror is awesome
7. April can run back and forth in the back with ease
8. Turning on the lights at night helps you drive better

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Chris said…
This vehicle looks too clean. Please swamp it ASAP
Britta Marie said…
three windshield wipers??? no way! haha .. congrats on your dream car!

xo Britta
Nikki said…
My new SUV has xm too, and I love it!! Congrats on the new car and new follower from the GFC!
Anonymous said…
Did I read #8 correctly? LOL. :) Cool car.
Unknown said…
Considering buy one within the next two months. I googled FJ Cruiser Blog and found you! What do you think about the car now? I'm a Mom of the yummiest most curious 3 year old. What's the interior space like? Thanks and I think your blog is ahhmazing, btw! :)

NY Mom, Tiff