Ranch Life

   This is my new favorite hashtag and I love using it on Instagram!  Not only is it fun to use because it means that I am spending some quality time on the ranch, but it is so much fun to see what others post about their ranch life experiences.  Here are some of my recent Instagram photos that featured this great hashtag!
Everyone working hard.  Dad in the distance on the tractor, April supervising and Amigo cleaning up his hay! 
These guys were up at the house one Friday afternoon to welcome me home!
Taking hay to some friends that just got some new cows.
First Texas sunset after getting home from Hawaii.
Look at that handsome guy.  Who needs a man in their life when they have someone that good looking already?!?

Holiday reminder... For those of you who sponsor a Compassion Child, October 31 is the last day to send Christmas gift donations.  Can you believe we are already thinking about Christmas?  I don't even feel like fall has really even started!


April is such a good helper!! Amigo is a handsome man and our friends with the new cows crack me up!! : )
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures.