As of Late

As of late I have really been in the mood to read and comment on blogs more than I have to actually write on my own.  So in honor of that mood I thought I would just run with it and share with you a few of my favorite reads.  And some pretty horses!
The bestie found Christa and I am just as in love with her as Rebekah!  One of her favorite movies is The American President(love, love, love), she has an adorable pup named Thatcher, and she loves SEC football!  You are probably saying "what's not to love?", and I would have to agree!!

Cassie at The Girl with the Faux British Accent
If the title alone does not grab your attention then her love for life will!  This is a new read for me, but I had an instant connection with Cassie's blog and I love it!  She just got married and has some gorgeous photos of not only her wedding, but her honeymoon up too!

Rebekah at Living&&Learning
She is the bestie!  I always look forward to her posts.  She is a great writer and has such a passion for it.  I love keeping up with her family(especially the brothers) on her blog.  Since they are partially mine too it is great to have one place to go to keep up with all of them.

Emily at Newlywed Moments
This is not only one of my new reads, but one of my favorites.  Emily's blog is so full of life and I enjoy reading every word she writes.  To tell you how much I love her blog I also nominated her for a Liebster Award!!

Lisa at Lisa Leonard Online
This is one of the very first blogs I started reading and I still look forward to it every week.  Her 'Hello Monday' posts are my favorite and it is so much fun to keep up with her family.  Not only is Lisa an amazing woman of God, but I have no idea how she does all she does in a day!

Go check out these blogs and I promise you will not be disappointed!  I was not obligated to share these blogs with you because of sponsorships or anything, I just like them and I thought you would too!


Thanks love!! When I stole your Google Reader account that afternoon, I found a couple of great blogs on your reading list! Loving them!!
By the way, check out my post today - It's a link up for a blogging book club. I think you'd like it!! :)