Here I am...

...sipping a cup of Pomegranate Oolong tea and wondering what I should write to you lovely readers.  The last few weeks have been different around here because I have felt like being intentional and reading blogs rather than writing and talking to you beautiful readers.  Not really sure why, but I have loved the time away from the keyboard and the time getting to invest in the beautiful blogs that I follow on a daily basis.

I thought I would catch y'all up a bit on what I have been up to the past few weeks.

-Four Thanksgiving meals; which included two batches of To Die for Brownies and three Pecan Pies!
-The Lord is teaching me a lot right now, and it is a beautiful reminder of his unwavering love!
-Much needed family time with the brother and Caitlin.  Not only did we get to celebrate two of our many Thanksgivings with them, but we got to spend the entire Sunday with them before Thanksgiving.
-Spread Christmas Cheer throughout the house while listening to granmom's old Christmas records.
-Got a new computer and I am in love with Windows 8.
-Bought new feather pillows.  For most that would not be a big deal, but if you love to sleep as much as I do you will truly appreciate that!  And to set the record straight, the pillows are heavenly!
-Almost all of my Christmas shopping is done and I have only had to go in one shop downtown.  Thank you online shopping!
-F1 season is officially over.  Sad to see it go, but happy to see Vettel win a third year in a row and with three points to spear!
-It is officially Christmas time.  And why do I know this?  Because driving down the main street in my small town last week I saw them hanging the Christmas decorations on the telephone poles- that is just bliss for my small town heart!

What is your tell-tale sign that it is Christmas?
Hot cocoa? All the beautiful lights?  Presents under the tree?  

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We had Thanksgiving with John's family & my family (on Friday), and can you believe that we didn't have Pecan pie OR Pumpkin Pie at either meal?!? I'm proud of you for your Christmas Shopping accomplishments, you have far exceeded my shopping status!
Unknown said…
Newest follower from Tell Me About Tuesday Hop, would love for you to come by and follow back? Can't wait to see whats to come...
Helene said…
you have been busy! thanks for linking up!
Rachel Easley said…
Stopping by from the link up...I love that you listen to old Christmas records! My parents and grandparents both have record players. And I have none of my Christmas shopping done!! I better get on that!