"...And never touch the ground."
What a beautiful thought that is, and how blessed am I that I get the opportunity to do just that. 
I would lie if I told you that my twenties have been perfect thus far, but the imperfections are well worth it if it means I get to continue the fun I am having.

This week has been one of the busiest weeks I have had at my new job thus far.  I have worked long hours and been pulled in too many directions at one time.  But I follow that up by saying that I am happy.  I really, truly enjoy this job.  It challenges me, exposes me to things I have never done before and I get to work with some really great people!  It is such a blessing.  It is weeks like this and the moments that I finally stop and breathe that remind me how truly blessed I am.

I may only be three years into my twenties, but I must confess I am loving them.  One of the ladies I work with has said multiple times that she loved her twenties, and I hope in seven years I can still agree with her.  Not because I was selfish and only thought about myself.  But because I lived, loved, and enjoyed every minute.

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