Christmas Pup

Not sure if you are aware, but this little girl made it on the Nelson Christmas card this year!  She is spoiled rotten and we would have it no other way!  Consider this your pre-card; the official family card is in the mail(or for you readers only- waiting to be posted closer to Christmas)!

Hope that you are having a blessed Christmas season and remembering what this time of the year is all about- Christ birth.  I pray that you will take time away from wrapping gifts and making party arrangements with me over the next few weeks to rejoice in Christ birth and his glory.

Merry Christmas!


I got the card today! :) Cute!! And I love Aprils appearance!
Emma said…
your dog is too cute! so glad you stopped by my blog :)

Helene said…
oh my goondness!! way cute!!
How cute is she?! Love that she's wrapped in Christmas lights! And that she's posing! ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!