Food for Thought

Every once in a while a fellow blogger will get on a bit of a soap box and talk about non-reply bloggers.  Sometimes it is them that is failing to reply to comments, other bloggers are not replying to comments, or them teaching blogging etiquette.  Most of the time I agree with them and believe in order to have a successful blog, and one that will bring readers back, you NEED to be a reply blogger!
                                                                                                        Source: via Veronica on Pinterest

But what we never talk about is non-comment readers.  What do I mean by that? 

Do you ever find yourself feeling a sense of accomplishment because you have cleared the total on your reader for the day, but you have not commented one a single blog...  Can I be so bold as to answer that for you and say 'Yes'? I am just as guilty as the next on this, and I am not happy with that.
So what do we do about it?  I find that I enjoy reading blogs more if I actually take the time to go to their actual blog, and not just my reader.  See their pictures on the side bar, and comment.  Comment on what I've seen.  Comment on what I think.  Or just comment and let them know that they are keen and I like their blog.  By doing so it gives me a connection with that blog, and that is a lot better than just clicking 'read' on some blog that you now follow because of a giveaway.

What are you?  Will you join me and try and be a better reader and commenter(commentee? commenton?)?  Thanks for stopping by Enjoying the Journey, and most importantly, thanks to all of my amazing comment readers!!!  Your kind words mean more to me than you will ever know!


Nikki said…
I'm definitely guilty! I think it's because I do a lot of reading on my phone and its harder to comment but I'm going to try harder!
Unknown said…
Guilty as charged! I have made a pact with myself to change that with the coming new year!
I mean, I love to get comments,I'm sure everyone does!

BTW, New follower from the hop. Hope you will hop over and for a visit and follow back if you like!
I love my google reader, but this is one of the big reasons I really like bloglovin' too (and use it as my primary reader) - it's easier to make it to the actual blog :) All that said, I'm still guilty of sometimes skipping past that "comment" button - but I'm getting better! :)
Rachel said…
New follower! Found your blog through the blog hop, can't wait to get to know you more :)
Helene said…
AGREE I love this post. I agree with you so much. I want people to read my blog, forget about followers.
this is seriously the best post Ive read today.