Happy Birthday Miss Fine

Once upon a time I worked at a beautiful camp called Pine Cove and I met some AMAZING people!  One of them being Miss Fine!!  I would have never imagined after two short weeks of working together during training she would become one of my best friends.  

July 2008

The sad part about all of this is that she lives in Kansas City.  The happy part of all of this is that TODAY is her birthday!  I cannot be with her today, but we will celebrate in January and I can not wait to see her in Denver!
March 2011
January 2011
September 2012
January 2010

Jessica has been such a blessing in my life over the past four years.  She has taught me how to be an intentional friend, and given me a passion for being intentional with others.  She has helped me grow in my walk with Christ, and has helped me learn to love life even more.  
I am so thankful for her friendship and love and thank God for putting her in my life!  Happy Birthday dear friend!  We will party hard in January!!!!