I Lied

I apologize.  It is something that I never wanted to do on this blog but it happened and I hope you will accept my apology!  On Christmas Eve I posted and said that we would not be having a White Christmas here in Texas, and boy was I wrong.

That was a lie, and it turned out to be beautiful white day.  We started the day out with some much needed rain and then the snow came and it snowed for several hours.  Snow in Texas... who would have thought!
This was only my second White Christmas and it was lovely!  We had a blessed day and more to come on that later with a Christmas highlight post.  Needless to say, my family has been very blessed this year and Christmas was yet another reminder of that! 

Have a wonderful short work week!!  I guess since Christmas is over, we should move on to the next holiday... so Happy New Year!


Helene said…
beautiful pictures! we were so lucky with this white Christmas here! so happy about it!
Elle said…
Wow so much snow!!! It's freezing here in Atlanta, but no snow. We are headed to Florida tomorrow so I'm pretty we won't be seeing snow at all this Christmas ha!
This is beautiful Lauren, I can not believe this is Texas! I'm co-hosting "A Lovely Blog Hop" this week and found you through your link and will be following along! Take care and enjoy the snow!!!