In a blurb

This sums up my relationship with my best friend!  Here are the contents of the email I just sent her:

"-Tickets are ordered, so no backing out!
-Looks like you had a good weekend with your friends!  Yea!
-Thanks for joining the link up!  I appreciate and love your support!
-Come over one night soon and we will work on your blog!
-The strap is great!  A little wide, but nothing I can't modify with a few stitches.
-Best friend post... some time next week.  Let's give it a deadline so we will DO IT!
Love you!"

Is this normal?  And does this make sense to anyone except the two of us?  You might be thinking to yourself that this must be responses to the previous email... not really... yeah.


made perfect sense to me, but maybe it's b/c I rarely make sense either;)
AHH!! I totally pinned this e-card the other day for us!! :)

Love you!! :)