Missing Loved Ones

Most bloggers try to keep their posts up beat and positive, as do I.  But we all struggle too, all differently and in our own ways.  Missing loved ones is a reality that all of us are faced with at some point in life, and recently I have been missing my granmom.
My family lost our granmom in May on her birthday this year, and I knew that the holidays would be hard without her, and they have been.  It's funny how you don't realize how much someone means to you until they are gone.  My granmom has in no way been forgotten, and while celebrating Christmas with my family my aunt just simply said "I miss her."  My mom and I were talking with her and we both just quietly replied that we do too.  It was the raw truth from my aunt,  but so comforting to hear that I am not the only one.
I was going through some old posts on my blog the other day, and could not believe the amount of posts that I have that refer to my granmom.  She was such a blessing to my family and I and not a day goes by that something doesn't remind me of her.

I miss... being able to talk to her about anything.
I miss... her loving personality.
I miss... her welcome home and heart to anyone.
I miss... the warmth she shared with me everyday.
I miss... spending my lunch hour with her.
I miss... watching Ranger's games with her.
I miss... her being our family prayer warrior.
I miss... spending evenings with her that I would otherwise spend alone.
I miss... stopping by her house whenever I was in the area.
I miss... her asking me when I am getting married(no reply still to this day).
I miss... taking her flowers 'just because.'

So here I am simply saying "I miss her."  My granmom is in a much better place and I like to think of her reunited with my grandfather that she had not seen in thirty years.  I like to imagine that he greeted her at the gates of heaven and has not let go of her hand since she arrived.  It's okay to miss loved ones, and what a blessing and comfort it is to know that they are in no pain in a much better place.


Anonymous said…
I think that posts like this make a person's blog more real. I get tired of those "my life is so perfect" type of blogs.

I'm sorry for your loss. This was beautifully-written.
Your Grandmom left such a wonderful legacy in your family! I'm sorry that your hurting. I know it doesn't help you feel better now, but time will heal. I love you & I'm here to talk if you need me!