On this Christmas Eve

On this Christmas Eve we will not be getting snow here in Sanger (it has only happened once in my life), but I just had to share this beautiful photo with you while the winter is still with us!  

Little known fact(or maybe largely known fact) I love horses.  I have one silly horse named Amigo and I was a horse wrangler in college and worked with over thirty beautiful horses.  

There is something so beautiful about them that is almost indescribable.

We will be spending the day with family and the evening at church.  
One of the many reasons I love the holidays so much is that I get to spend quality time with my family while we are celebrating Christ's birth.

Have a blessed and 
Merry Christmas!


The Millers said…
Thanks for stopping by and linking up! I am following you back, excited to get to know you!

Merry Christmas friend!! I'm sorry I missed you at church - have a good holiday! :) <3
I LOVE this photo...such beauty!!!