Blessed Weekend

Miss Fine and I headed off to Denver for the weekend and had an amazing time!  There are no words to describe how well rested I am, how refreshed I feel, and how loved I feel by my sweet friend!  
It was absolutely a (long)weekend for the record books and I cannot wait to share it all with you very soon!  Don't worry, I took way too many photos!  

But for now you will just have to enjoy these photos and consider them your little sneak peak of my Blessed Weekend!!

As every good blogger knows, you DO NOT PASS UP A GOOD PHOTO OPPORTUNITY!  When we rounded the corner on our way to beautiful Nederland I knew we had to pull over and snap some shots.  Little did this Texas girl know that it would be freezing(for me at least), and snow would be hitting me in the face(hard).  So here are my attempts at capturing this beautiful moment!
That hair is just a bit too much sometimes!!!!  
Stay tuned for a couple of posts about my great week coming real soon!!


Ashley said…
So glad you feel refreshed from your weekend.

So true...can't pass up a good photo opp!
Helene said…
what a fun time!! i would be cold there too hah!
Stephanie said…
Great pictures :) I look forward to reading more about your fun trip. You know, I live only 2 hours away from Denver and we have been getting snow since yesterday...too bad you already went back to Texas :)

Beautiful pictures!! So glad you had fun on your trip!
CWY said…
Great photos! I loved all of your Instagram photos from the weekend!
Brhea said…
Oh wow how fun! I love Denver. So lucky that you got to recharge :)

I am excited to follow your blog!