Cara Box Reveal: January

This was my first time to participate in the awesome Cara Box Exchange that Kaitlin over at Wifessionals hosts each month.  I had such a great experience and cannot wait to join the exchange again next month.  
My great partners were Stephanie and Ashley.  
I got to know Ashley and sent her a box.  Stephanie got to know me and sent me this great box!!  

The moment that this box came in I could not wait to rip into it!  
This month's theme for the boxes was Resolution.  I was a little hesitant when I heard the theme because I don't normally make resolutions.  So I gave it some thought and decided on a word.  As I thought about it I quickly decided on 'Relationships'.  
I told Stephanie that "My resolution with 'relationships' will be to work on building them and being intentional with them.  Truth be told, I can be a bit of a homebody and by working on my relationships I am hoping that it will take me out of my comfort zone and encourage me to build and strengthen them."
So Stephanie filled this box with tons of great stuff!  I am so blessed that I got to share my first Cara Box experience with Stephanie.  She sent me two great coffee mugs(I love, love, love tall mugs!!), some Caribou coffee, Celestal tea, a fun owl, some great handmade cards and that beautifully framed art piece.  
Stephanie made me that art piece and it was the last thing that I pulled out of the box and it almost brought me to tears.  I already loved all of the items so much, and the frame was the icing on the cake.  It is sitting on my bed side table and I love the great reminder that it is going to be for the rest of the year.  

Getting to know Stephanie was such a joy and I am so thankful for the great box that she sent me.  
I am linking up with Kaitlin over at Wifessionals today!  



Unknown said…
i love the owl and the frame is super cute :)
sarahssidebar said…
This is such a neat idea! I've been wanting to join Cara Box FOREVER! Will have to do it after all these Vday swaps are over :D
You got some great stuff!! :D Have fun using it!

Unknown said…
this is so beautiful! i love how Cara Box is bringing people together :-)