Confessions of an Interior Designer- Separating

How do you separate work from home?
Currently I should be packing for my awesome trip to Denver, but instead I just finished some revisions to some house plans and I am thinking about all the stuff I have to do at work tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I need to go talk to the contractor at the church about installing the new baptistery tomorrow.  

Please tell me I am not the only one that has trouble turning 'it' off after I leave the office!!!
Then again, the house plans and church project are freelance projects so they have to come home with me!  Womp, womp...
                                                                       Source: via Jonathan on Pinterest

I have never thought of myself as a 'workaholic', nor have I ever wanted to be one.  So where is that fine line?  That fine line of being a good designer and finishing strong everyday, and not wearing myself thin with too much.

While chatting with my dad the other day we were going over all my projects at work and at home (it's what happens when your dad is your project manager at work and you live with him), and I was going on about all I had to do.  Mid way through the conversation I said "I just need to get on that plane and go to Denver."
We quickly changed from project and 'work' talk to how beautifully our Lord has our lives planned out.  He knows how much we can handle, he knows when we need a break, and how he knows the balance that we haven't quite figured out yet.  
When I booked this little trip to Denver I had no idea I would be in need of a break.  Hey, I didn't even know I needed this break two weeks ago.  It just comes to show you how mighty our God is and how blessed we are to serve him.  

How do you separate work from home?
How does the Lord show you you need breaks?

Perhaps it is such a blessing that I actually have a job that I shouldn't be complaining.  Perhaps the Lord's timing is always perfect.  Or perhaps this is just a Confession of an Interior Designer.


Unknown said…
This used to be hard for me, but not as much anymore. Even though my work E-mails come to my phone, I don't respond to them on weekends, off days, or once I leave the office. I know not everyone can do this, but it works for me :-)

I think this is a problem that women deal with a lot. For as good as we generally are at multitasking, something about stopping the work day and starting home life is difficult. My workaholic husband does a better job of it than I do. You are not alone by any means!