Denver, Colorado

If you have been around these parts the past few weeks then you saw/heard that Miss Fine and I spent some time in Denver last weekend and we had an amazing trip.  To be honest we actually spent more time in Boulder and Golden, but Denver was great.  I guess that it just means I will have to split my posts up so I can share it all with you!!  Lucky you!!
We stayed at the Warwick in downtown Denver and it was absolutely amazing!!  Seriously, the service was great, the rooms were huge, and the heated roof top pool was incredible.  We loved every moment that we spent there and the beds... oh the beds were amazing and helped us catch up on some much needed rest!  Dear Warwick, if you would like a new spokesperson I am available!  
On our first night we walked around the city and it was lovely.  We got to see a lot of downtown and it was beautiful.  We spent some time in the amazing roof top pool and had our 'Christmas'.  If you read my post last week then you will recall that we don't just celebrate Christmas, we celebrate as much as possible.  This year we celebrated both birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving and Texas Independence Day.  This is always one of my favorite things we do together because it is such sweet time and we get to share things with each other that we have been collecting for the other for months.   
We made a visit to the Hammond's candy factory and had a great time!  Free candy and sweet friend time... what more can one ask for?!?   
The best part about traveling together was that people were confused when we told them that we are from two different places and traveled to Colorado to see each other.  To us, it seemed like a great idea!  Miss Fine is one of my best friends from college and we don't get to see each other that often, so when we do we make the most of it!  
Miss Fine also gave me a little tour of her favorite part of town and it was beautiful.  We hit up the flagship REI, walked a lot, hit up the Tattered Cover bookstore, went to the Mayan Movie Theater to see The Impossible, and much more. 
Overall Denver was very good to us.  I could not park there(because this Texan can't parallel) so Miss Fine did most of the city driving.  We ate good food, drank good coffee, and relaxed, which was much needed!  I will admit that Boulder was my favorite part of the trip, so you will just have to wait for that post later next week!  

Have you ever been to Denver? 
What was your favorite part?


Helene said…
I have been to Denver but it was so long ago, I am due to go back. This looks like a blast!
Anonymous said…
Lovely pictures! I would like to see Colorado sometime.
Stephanie said…
Oh how fun! Before I saw what you wrote for the first picture, I said to myself, "Hey, that's downtown Denver" :)

So glad you had fun! Did you walk downtown and see all of the old, painted pianos on the street?

Enjoy your day! And yes, Pinterest is addicting! :)

No worries, I can parallel but not under pressure! Glad she was there to park for you! :)
Unknown said…
Hey Laura!
I used to live in Denver and I recognized where you were in one of the photos but that tall glass building wasn't finished when I was there last. I'd go back for a visit but probably not to live there again. Its like a desert there and every plant is brown and dead. Esther Norine Designs
Unknown said…
I had my wedding reception at the Warwick years ago. Great hotel. Thanks for the memories :)
Anonymous said…
How fun! It is so beautiful there!