And Go I will!
I am jet setting off to Denver for a long weekend with Jessica!

I have been to Denver before, but I have never been to Boulder before so I can say I have been one new place this year!  We are going to be staying two nights at the
Warwick in Denver{insert Swanky here__________}, and then our last night in Boulder.

Cannot wait to spend some quality, intentional time with Miss Fine and get to soak up some Colorado sun!!  Soak up Colorado sun... is that something one does?  Or is that only reserved for places like Hawaii?  
Never the less, I love traveling with Miss Fine and cannot wait to meet her at the airport in Denver today!  

This is our yearly winter get together where we celebrate a variety of holidays which include, but are not limited to:
Jessica's Birthday(December 9th)
My Birthday(Yesterday;January 23rd)
Valentine's Day

Hope y'all have a wonderful rest of the week and blessed weekend!  I'll be back next week with fun pictures and a recap of our 'holiday' festivities!   


Unknown said…
Have a safe trip sis! <3

Anonymous said…
This is a great idea. Definitely post some pictures from Denver when you get back.
Helene said…
have so much fun on your trip!!
Kristin said…
What a wonderfully fun trip that sounds like! I love hearing about long distance friends who are intentional about keeping up with each other :-). Have a great time!
I can't believe I missed your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This trip sounds like a blast -- I hope you have a wonderful time!