Have you seen my mom and dad?

As I mentioned in my post on Sunday, my parents are out of town.  The jetted off to San Francisco and left April and I alone.  Even though I have reassured her they will be back she is convinced they were either kidnapped or are dead.  So after much begging I finally agreed to let April take over the blog for the day and put up this 'Missing' sign for her mom and dad.  

Mom and Dad Nelson
Last seen getting in the car with my sister(aka Lauren).
Please take note of that cute puppy in the bottom of the left picture... now back to mom and dad!

-Dad can be seen with a Frisbee in his hand most afternoons and evenings
-Mom likes to drop leftovers on the floor in the kitchen(but they always make it in my mouth first)
-They both can be seen most evenings with Nook Tablet in hand
-Mom likes yogurt afternoon snacks and will leave the cup for me to lick(but no cup this week)
-Dad is a sucker and gives me bones every week
-Mom likes to wear purple
-Dad looks like a cowboy most days

If seen please contact April Nelson.
I can be found cuddling on the couch with my sister 
or out in the pasture making sure the cows and horse are behaving.

Please help me find them!! -April

**Disclaimer:  Mom and dad will be back Wednesday.  Do not worry, April is just a little over dramatic! 


Helene said…
hahaha how funny!
Anonymous said…
I feel bad for giggling at this post...
ty said…
Hahaha, Howie would totally do this for my parents :)