i enjoy

Life isn't about the destination, it's about Enjoying the Journey.
-Thomas Jefferson

here are a few things i enjoy...
-heated blankets on a cold winters morning
-making the perfect cup of coffee before running out the door in the morning
-elvis costello radio on pandora
-a productive Saturday afternoon
-taking a back road in the FJ
-target(need I say more?)
-cuddling with my puppy after she has just had a bath
-watching duck dynasty with my dad and laughing hysterically
 -quality time with the bestie
-traveling with good friends
-scuba diving into the deep unknown
-filling my new planner with lovely dates

what are a few things that you enjoy?
happy monday!!!


Unknown said…
Happy Monday to you as well! Just found your blog and love it! Things that make me happy are;
A good cup of coffe, the look on my kids faces when the discover something new, and a cozy night at home with my hubby!
Thanks for the fun post!
ty said…
Target. I could just wander around there all day with a buggy and a big cherry Coke.
Anonymous said…
I enjoy a few of these things as well. :) I love seeing my dog get excited when we give her a new toy or she sees us walking toward her dog treat jar. Sometimes she'll jump up and twist around in the air.
Helene said…
i enjoy blue bell ice cream and my dog. i am set!
stopping by from tell me about it tues. i love this!

things i'm enjoying right now- sweet potatoes for dinner, new adventures on the horizon, and my new planner from target (sounds like you can relate to that one!) :)

Amanda Raborn said…
Love this! Scuba diving is one of my most favorite things... I think the world under water may actually be more beautiful than above!

Love your blog! Can't wait to follow along!

It's an Easy Life
Target!! Starbucks coffee as a splurge, and days that have nothing in them!