Nothing In Particular

No particular post to write today...  so you all are blessed with my rambling thoughts from the weekend.  Lucky you!

-Fun Fact: I live with my parents and they are gone for the week.  So what has that looked like for me?  Umm... a lot of cuddling with the puppy, sleeping in, Favorite Things Party with the girls, and more cuddles with the pup... as for the next two nights... I foresee even more cuddling with my pup, The Bachelor, cuddling with my pup while watching The Bachelor, and if I get bored writing more awesome posts like this one!
-Went church shopping today and had a great time!  Next time I will sit closer to the front, but boy it  sure was an amazing service.
-I leave for Denver in 11 days and Jessica and I have no plans what so ever...  Did I mention I tend to over plan, so this is totally not like me.
-My cows are stupid.  A gate got blown almost shut today and they were afraid to leave the barn lot because it was only a 4' opening opposed to the normal 15' opening.  Real world problems!
Fun Fact 2: My dad threatens to sign me up for almost daily.  I get it dad, I have no social life.  But no need to get crazy and sign me up for ANYTHING!
-My friend Keeley and her sister like to call things 'real world problems'.  For instance: "OMG, my iPhone can't get wifi right now."  Real world problem...
-Has anyone ever noticed that Sundays are like single awareness night?  Just think about it...
-I have cooked twice since my parents have been gone, and I'm pretty sure I now have left overs for a week.  #happygirl
-Has anyone ever noticed how much stupid stuff is posted on Pinterest.  I mean it's pretty, but seriously...  Perhaps this particular rant is because I don't want people telling me how to design my house when I went to school to learn how to do that.
-Speaking of Pinterest...  I am thankful that it was not popular until after I graduated because I pretty sure I never would have completed a project.
-I could go on all night, but really who is still reading this anyways and I want to go to bed.  So leave you with this

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Anonymous said…
I would be hesitant about Christian dating websites...people have different definitions of what being a Christian is, and whether it is okay for a Christian to do this or that.
We just got home from Tiffy & Josh's and I was twiddling my thumbs and I realized 'oh, I gotta get up early tomorrow!'. Little details.
Where'd you church shop this morning?
I had a great time Friday!! We should have a girls night ASAP!!