Say What?!?

Not sure if you heard but you can now download Adobe CS2 products for free!  That inculdes everything...  I am most excited about Photoshop and InDesign!!  Downloadhere.
As a designer I am elated about this new discovery, and as a blogger there are no words!  Adobe is currently on CS6, so the software is a little dated, but hey- it's free.  Can you really complain about free?  I guess you could, but who is going to listen!!

Not sure if this was done on Photoshop, but it sure is funny!!
SOOO what are you waiting for?  Go join the fun and download some really fun and helpful software.  
Happy Weekend and Happy Lazy Saturday!!


Stephanie said…
haha...this gave me a good laugh and put a smile on my face :)

Thanks for the helpful information.