Who I Use To Be

I was talking with one of my good friends from my last job the other day and we concluded the conversation by saying that we both feel like we are who we use to be and we are happy about that.  My dear friend was telling my about her difficult break up and we were talking about my hard time after losing my job.  
If you are new to this little blog then you probably missed the post about how I lost my job in August.  The funny thing about that little post is that it was the hardest post I have written since I started this blog and to this day one of my most popular posts.  I was asked what my favorite post of 2012 was and I said my 'Changes of ALL Kinds' post.  My faithful readers filled my inbox as a result of that post and I really felt the love from the blogging community.  Little did I know, but it would set the stage for the next few months and be my turning point. 
So what has changed since that post those many months ago?

I am Who I Use To Be again.  

It is amazing, and until recently I hadn't realized it.  My last job can be summarized like a bad relationship.  When you are in it all you can see are the positive things about it and you focus on the things that you love about it.  But it is your friends and family that see what it is doing to you and see that you are not who you use to be.  It isn't until after the 'breakup' that you can step back and see how bad it actually was. 

Now I can step back and I see that this is where I am supposed to be.
-In my small town
-At my new job
-Enjoying my new car
-Spending sweet time with friends and family
-Growing with Christ
-Traveling with amazing friends
-Enjoying singleness 
-Building relationships
-Being independent again

**Photo taken on my recent trip to Hawaii


That's a great comparison!! I think that bad job "relationships" are also a good thing, because they help you to grow & move forward appreciating where you are and how far you've come. Bad people relationships less so. ;)

Love you!!
What a perfect analogy. My last job was like that and I'm so glad I trusted God and left to raise my child. It was the hardest but best decision I've ever made and now I can also say that I'm finally who I use to be as well. It's been so liberating! I'm so happy for you! From your list at the end, it sounds like you're having SO much fun just enjoying life!