A Tip or Six

I am not even going to begin to pretend that I am a pro at this whole blogging thing, but there are a few things I like to think I could give some tips on.  Perhaps it is because I am a little OCD or I just like things a certain way, never-the-less I feel that there are a few maintenance things that bloggers need to do to their blogs to take them to the next level.
As you will see below I gave links for tutorials for all of these tips.  I could have made my own tutorials, but I wanted to give credit where credit is due.  

1. Take the blogger navbar off.
Say goodbye to it and never look back!!  It will make such a big difference for your blog appearance.   Great tutorial here.

2. Get rid of word verification.
No one, and I mean NO ONE wants to go through twenty steps to leave a comment. Great tutorial here.

3. Don't be a no-reply blogger.
It makes me sad when I can't reply to my lovely readers comments.  And I don't like to be sad!! If you are questioning if you are a no- reply blogger, then you are probably a no-reply blogger.  Great tutorial here, and here.

4. Reply to your reader's comments via email.
It is simple, but something that a lot of bloggers tend not to do.  Personally for me replying to comments is a way for me to engage with my readers on another level and even helps me grow my blog with relationships.

5. The least amount of clutter the better.  
Or at least that's what my little OCD heart thinks!

6. Want more tips?  Just Google it!
It may seem simple, but I have found out just about anything that I have ever wanted to know through Google.  See something you like on someone else's blog, just Google it and someone has probably already shared how to achieve it!

Now a tip from you to me.  Twitter?  Should I?


Unknown said…
You SAVED me!!! I have been trying to change this for months and the step by step was wonderful! Thank you, thank you!
Now, can you test it for me :)
Anonymous said…
Very good points!
Mionna H. said…
You are the best. This post just helped me in sooo many ways! Thanks for enlightening us on this beautiful Sunday!
Anonymous said…
Great points! I also find word verification annoying.

I recently started to become more active on twitter, but I'm not a pro at keeping it updated yet. Call me nosey, but I do like seeing what my blogger friends are up to.
jackie jade said…
great tips! having to do a word verification is so annoying to me. and i love being able to reply to people too, so no-reply bloggers make me sade too :(
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com
Unknown said…
You are a pro!! Those are these best tips that I could think to share. NO-reply just drives me crazy, I love to answer comments via email and this just puts a wall up:) Following via GFC
Have an awesome day

From one small town Texan girl to another:)
Ashley said…
Thank you for this! Ive made sure Im not a no-reply commenter ... but maybe you could help me a little, or point me in the right direction of somewhere to look. The comments left by readers on my blog don't get delivered to my email account -- I have to manually go in and check for comments every time I log into blogger. Is there anyway to fix that? It can be a bit of a hassle!!
Great tips!! AND - yes to twitter!! I don't use it all the time, but I get traffic to my blog from it! :)
And, I keep forgetting to tell you - I love the way you updated your Welcome & picture!! So cute!!
CWY said…
Such great tips!