Bloglovin Attempt #2

Happy Weekend!!
After spending some much needed time with the bestie Friday night I kept thinking about how she reads all the blogs she follows.  I use Google Reader, but she swears by Bloglovin.  So here I am, giving it a second attempt and seeing if I can change my ways once and for all.

I like Google Reader because I can just log into Google once, and bam- all I need is right there.  But on the other hand I like Bloglovin because you can put the blogs you read in categories.  That right there just makes my little OCD/Planner's heart swoon!

So here I am attempting a second try and wondering how you read your blogs.  Do you use Google Reader?  Bloglovin?  Or some other site I haven't yet ventured onto?

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I use google reader. You can separate it into folders.
Nic said…
I use Google Reader as well. It's just so much easier for me.

Unknown said…
I use bloglovin... I think the categories are easier to organize and keep track of than Google reader. Of course I was on bloglovin before I tried GR, so that may be a factor! =)
Vibrant Vinyls said…
I don't use Bloglovin but I am a new follower via GFC. Stopping by from the GFC Collective!
Messy said…
I am a die hard Bloglovin' girl. Those are the only blogs I check and comment on. No Bloglovin'...I'm not a follower :))) Its the easiest way!
I think it's a difficult switch to make which is probably part of the reason I like Bloglovin so much. It's what I started really following blogs with :)
Anonymous said…
I started off using Bloglovin but then switched to google reader, it was easier. :)
recently started using bloglovin and I'm lovin ;) it! But really, I just pin it up in my bar on google chrome, stay forever logged in and it's no big deal. Love it!