Boulder, Colorado

Fact: Miss Fine and I went to Colorado.
Fact: We enjoyed our time in Denver.
Fact: We enjoyed our time in Boulder even more.
Fact: I might consider moving to Boulder because it was that great(just kidding mom), but really!
Last weekend Miss Fine and I spent some sweet, intentional time together in Denver.  Our first two nights were spent in downtown Denver, but our last night in Boulder was my favorite.  
Much like other great cities I have traveled to Boulder captured my heart as soon as we got there.  The first thing we did in Boulder was a Coffee and Pastry tour with Megan from Local Table Tours.  It was great!  Far exceeded our expectations and if you are near Boulder I highly recommend that you go on one of her many tours!!!  We went to The Cup and Ozo Coffee Co. on our tour.  It was fascinating to learn so much about coffee from the owners of these amazing coffee shops!  
On our coffee tour we also met Sean, a local chef in Boulder, and Megan was kind enough to make us reservations at Oak where he works for Saturday night.  Let me just tell you, we got the royal treatment at Oak!  When we got there we saw Sean and said hi and were quickly seated.  We ordered the meatballs, and next thing we knew our table was covered in appetizers.  Sean sent over fried pickles, drinks, and brussels sprouts, and then we got our meatballs and bread.  It was all heavenly.  And the best part was that our main course hadn't even come yet!  We were so spoiled and savored every moment of the royal treatment and amazing food!  Oak was great and I cannot recommend it enough!  
Every bite that I had was amazing.  I am convinced that all of the food at Oak and the pineapple soft serve from Hawaii will be served in Heaven.  Mark my word, it will happen!!  I could go on for the rest of this post just about Oak and our great experience with Meagan and Sean, but you would probably prefer I not.  So I shall move on...
Even though I am moving on from Oak and coffee I am still going to stick with the food and drink category.  Despite the two photos above, let's get serious for a second.  Have you ever had Americana Huckleberry soda?  It is life changing!  Miss Fine and I stumbled across Rocket Fizz on Pearl Street and it was awesome!  Not only do they have every candy imaginable, but you should see their soda selection.  It is unreal.  
We both decided to try something a little different, so I got Huckleberry and LOVED IT!  We loved it so much we went back the next day and bought multiple bottles.  Also look at who I ran into Saturday night.  And please take note that I was also dressed cute when we ate at Oak.  This is my only proof from that night, but trust me when I say there was a cute dress under that jacket!   
While in the Boulder area we did manage to break ourselves away from all the food and drinks and make it to some of the surrounding towns.  We hit up Golden(above), the Colorado Railroad Museum, Evergreen, and Nederland.  Please view the below proof that we did not just eat the entire time! 
Boulder was great and I hope that my post has not only encouraged you to go visit and stuff your face, but to visit and enjoy the culture as we did.  I loved every minute and cannot wait to go back.  
Thank you Boulder for a great time of food, drink, sweet friend time, and much needed relaxation!  
Where to next? Any travel suggestions?
We are thinking we need to check out Hilton Head sometime soon... recommendations?


Anonymous said…
What a fun time! I hope my husband and I can go to Colorado sometime.
Stephanie said…
I have enjoyed reading about your time in Colorado - it sounds like you and your friend had an amazing time :)

Great pictures!

"Just kidding mom" should read "just kidding Bestie" because I about had a mini anxiety attack!! :) The trip sounds & looks amazing! I'm glad you and Jessica had a good time!!
I LOVE Colorado. Like, love it. I think it’s the only other place besides TX that I could live. Denver is awesome. We’ve been to a couple of Rockies games there. And we saw a concert at the Good ol’ Grizzly Rose there. Ha! Your pictures are awesome.
Purrincup said…
OMG Sheldon!

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