Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday, dear friends!  
Have you ever had one of those random blog posts that you posted when you probably shouldn't have while at work that took you about five seconds to do.  It was on a whim and you didn't think would get much hype?  Well apparently this was one of those.
Can we just talk about this for a second.  These are my most popular search keywords for my blog and that silly Geico pig takes 6 of the top 10 spots.  Can't decide if that makes me awesome, pathetic, or just too funny for words.  Basically every time I see those stats they just make me laugh and I wanted to share the funny with you too!
I am a firm believer that you just need to laugh at yourself every once in a while, and this definitely justifies a good laugh!
Come to find out, I did just post that on a whim on a Friday morning when sitting at my desk was the last thing I wanted to be doing.  Little did I know, that weekend would turn out to be one of the best weekends I had in months.  And even more than that, little did I know that ridiculous post would become a huge traffic source to my blog.  
RIDICULOUS(as I type this I am just shaking my head)!!

With all that said I hope you have a Happy Weeeeeeeeekend!!
And I hope that you take time to laugh at yourself this weekend like I am today!!
What are some posts that you have posted that got way more hype than they should have?
Have any exciting plans for the Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend?


Helene said…
i have very strange things too like high heels dislocated ankle pictures?! i have no idea how that relates to me...!
happy friday!! found your little blog through the giveaway! nice to meet you ;)
Shauna Quintero said…
How funny!

I blog about the bachelor and nearly all my searched for keywords have to do with Tierra's dent in her forehead.

New follower from the GFC Bloghop!

gayle said…
Oh my gosh, how funny! :) I will admit, though, those pigs kind of creep me the heck out. :)

New follower stopping by from the GFC blog hop!

Gayle | Grace for Gayle
Haha! I love looking at those search keywords!!