Living the Journey: Happy

"Happy are those who are strong in the Lord." Psalm 84:5
This simple verse is hanging on my computer screen at work.  This is now the third desk this small piece of paper has been at, and I never grow old of seeing it's words everyday.
It reminded me this week of how strong our witness can be, even when we are not present.  On Friday afternoon Maryanne, the administrative assistant at my office, and her nine year old daughter where at the office and since everyone else was gone her daughter sat at my desk.  I didn't even notice, and wouldn't have known had Maryanne not told me this sweet story.

Sunday night Maryanne went into her daughter's room and noticed a piece of paper on her nightstand.  It was a neatly written verse that her daughter had written and she didn't know where she had gotten it.  Maryanne asked her daughter where she had gotten the verse because she knew they had not read it together lately.  Her daughter just simply said "Lauren's desk."
Apparently when she was sitting at my desk she saw it and liked it, so she wrote it down and was now using it as a bookmark.

It is the little things like that that mean the most.  And it is the little things like that that can a be a bigger and better witness than I could ever be some days.
Child like faith is so beautiful and I wish that my faith could be like that some days.  I read a verse I like so I write it down apply it to my life.  It sounds so simple, but for some reason it never is.

Happy Wednesday, dear friends!
I hope that this verse inspires you today
and can bring a new light to your walk with the Lord today like it did mine!
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Anonymous said…
I agree, there is something special about child-like faith. Sadly we get so caught up in our adult obligations and activities, we sometimes forget how to have that kind of faith.