Living the Journey: I Enjoy

Life isn't about the destination, it's about Enjoying the Journey.
-Thomas Jefferson

The bestie and I are hosting our very own link up today and we could not be more excited!  But first I want to share with you, my beautiful readers, what it is that I love about this journey we call life.  Here are a few of the ways that I am Living the Journey.

a few things i enjoy...
-tea. sweet tea, hot tea, herbal tea, black tea
-freshly laundered linens
-long, hot showers
-sunday afternoon bike rides
-new design inspiration
-the big bang theory
-spending my lunch hour with my dad
-texas country on a friday night

what are a few things that you enjoy?
how are you living the journey?
Lauren & Rebekah (two best friends since childhood) wanted to find a way to combine their blogs for one day a week in a way that everyone could participate. So they took the best of their two blogs, and Living the Journey was born! So every Wednesday, link up and tell us not only how you're Living & Learning, or how you're Enjoying the Journey; but how you're Living your Journey.

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- Share a blog about how you are Living the Journey
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Anonymous said…
I forgot about this even though you e-mailed me. I'm so sorry. :( I ended up typing a long blog post that I had been meaning to write for months...would have postponed it if I had remembered this link-up.
Stephanie said…
Hey Lauren! I love your idea for Living the Journey link up! I am not linking up this week, but I look forward to linking up next week :)

I hope you enjoy your day.